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Whenever you decide to escape from the traffic of the city, from the busy schedule of the workday, from the circumstances in which you are a player with no enthusiasm, just leave for some place else…


We will assist You in that escape. We will “hide” You: at only 3 km. from the town in the magnificent area “Orehova gora (Walnut-tree forest)”. Here people forget about their problems. Here the pine-tree forest bathes in sun rays, the wind plays with the water in the dam and the horizon grows quiet in the slopes. It is so real out here that it seems unreal that you have never been here.


The “Kantona” complex is a picturesque place that includes a dam, walnut-tree woods, pine-tree forest and slopes in proximity to the district centre Silistra.


The “Kantona” complex exists since the beginning of the 1970s. Today it is renovated and changed according to the expectations and criteria of a recreational lodging place. The guests of complex “Kantona” can sink into the calmness of the clear air and quietness of the natural landscape; can taste the delicious traditional meals in the restaurant and use the facilities of the family hotel.


Complex “Kantona” disposes of a restaurant in a rustic style with 40 seats in the winter months and over 100 seats in the sunny seasons.

The family hotel has 4 apartments or a total of 5 double rooms. Alongside the complex there is a swimming pool with a safe depth and children’s playground. Fishing, this passion, is a motive for the whole family to follow you and bother You.


For the kids, there is a place for play and fun. For the husband/wife – amazing terrains for walking. The little escape will be a combination of luxury for Your senses, qualitative servility and an intrusive feeling of freedom.


The business lunch or dinner, the work or seminar meeting, the short family vacation, the friends-gathering weekend, the long annual holiday: we have considered it all.

We are persistently advising You: Find time! Complex “Kantona” is your true escape and with the symbiosis among rest, nature, provision and service, tomorrow will be a memory of a new real escape.




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